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The answer is the Retail Investor. Today, there are over 50 million self-directed retail investors in the US alone. They tend to be younger, aggressive and utilizing all the internet tools available to them to identify investment opportunities. They primarily rely on search engines which lead them to a host of social media platforms for their information. If we can reach and compel just a small portion of this vast community of investors, we will succeed in developing a significant volume of smaller transactions and thus, build liquidity for your company.

So, to start developing this market liquidity, we are going to have to determine how we will communicate with these retail investors. We must understand how to find them, how to reach them and what message will be compelling to them. A Communication and Promotion Strategy must be agreed. It will begin with the content and exactly what message you wish to convey to your audience. Any digital marketing and social media campaign not only requires that your target audience be defined, but that we need to understand who their influencers are, and where they ‘hang out’ on line. What are the forums and who are the thought leaders listened to by these investors? We will craft a precise plan to reach them through channels, custom designed for your company, taking full advantage of the changing digital landscape.

We have a broad range of tools to accomplish this, and while the list is extensive, we will lay out a phased approach which allows us to crawl before we walk and run. You will see no grandiose paneled corridors in this approach, but a rigorous well-thought out and well-executed plan to ensure the right retail investors hear your message and your call to action.  The plan will include reaching Bloggers, Analysts, Small Cap ‘rags’, Newspapers and Publications, Social Media (LinkedIn & Twitter), Business Radio, Customers, Distribution Channels, Product Packaging…….. Your company’s message will appear wherever your investors and potential investors search.

Finally, the only voice that your investors really want to hear is yours; you are the CEO. The message is yours. Micro Cap Liquidity partners with you as a powerful vehicle to make sure your voice and your message are heard by the right people. The result is a much broader awareness of your company by the retail investor community and increased trading in your stock; delivering improved Market Liquidity.

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